Surprising Facts about Gas Designer Fireplaces

A crackling fireplace not only makes any ambiance warm and cozy but also adds a dash of good-old charm to it. Today’s modern fireplaces can actually take the décor of the room levels higher.

Here, we share some surprising facts about gas designer fireplaces that you might not be aware of.

  • A central heater in your house heats up both used and unused spaces which means unnecessary energy bills and waste of heating spaces that are not to be used. However, if you choose its greener alternative, i.e., the gas designer and hanging fireplaces; you get a win-win position. You can install them in the room(s) that you most frequent or even have a mobile version that you can carry to any room that you want to warm up.
  • While central heaters churn out a high energy bill for you; the gas fireplaces prove to be surprisingly cost-efficient and energy saving. They give a reduced bill, which can be twenty to forty percent lower compared to your standard utility bills.
  • We are all aware of the huge elbow grease required to maintain light up the traditional fireplaces. From purchasing, carrying and storing wood; you had to light it with a match and tinder and always be mindful that no embers fly out of the hearth and onto combustible materials and cause accidents. However, modern fireplaces are remote controlled and can easily be turned on and off by a mere push of a button with no worries of any accidents.

These units are almost maintenance free and offer you warmth with no problems and hassles attached. Thus, you must consider it if you do not already have one.