Men and women both have separate options for eyeglasses.

Men and women both would have lot many differences in their body structure. At a high level even, the face will be quite different between both men and women. While women skin could be soft and gentle, men skin would be hard. Well, not just about the type of skin, even about the size of the face might vary for men and women in some situations. It does mean that the frame size would vary between men and women. Hence, it is always wise that you visit an online store, where the frame styles, colours and size everything are custom made for the gender.

When you look at the cheap eyeglasses online you could get the various sizes of frames within each colour and within each material. Depending on the age of the person, depending on the usage type, one could choose the most appropriate frame so that the frame would not fall off the eyes when one bends. Irrespective of the gender it is quite natural that with the frame on eyes one must bend at times either to pick a file or else to do some other task. Depending on these constraints there is a question as to how quickly one would be able to find a frame fitting to them in the close by shop.
With the online stores open round the clock, it is no more a puzzle to find a frame that meets all these constraints. All that one need is to define what they need, then the time to filter out from the wide collection of models available online each of which could further be filtered on the style, frame material used, width etc so that you are left with the right collection from which you need to pick one frame that is most suitable for you.