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Alaska cannot tax its way into prosperity, which is why we need to fix ACES now. Please take the time to contact your legislator. Here are some points to make.

  • To sustain our economy, Alaska needs to encourage new investment to get more oil in the pipeline.
  • If we don’t act now, the reduced flow through the pipeline poses increasingly more serious challenges.
  • Alaska’s tax policy must be fair and sustainable to make Alaska competitive for oil exploration, ensuring a longer life for TAPS, more jobs for Alaskans and extended support for government services.
  • The current production tax is a disincentive to invest here, especially when oil prices are high given the progressive surcharge which captures most of the upside for the state and not the investor that incurred the risk.

Please thank those legislators who voted for tax reform last session.

House votes to pass HB 110

Yeas: Mike Chenault, Mia Costello, Alan Dick, Anna Fairclough, Eric Feige, Neal Foster, Carl Gatto, Mike Hawker, Kyle Johansen, Craig Johnson, Wes Keller, Bob Lynn, Charisse Millett, Cathy Munoz, Kurt Olson, Lance Pruitt, Dan Saddler, Bill Stoltze, Bill Thomas, Steve Thompson, Peggy Wilson, Tammie Wilson

Nays: Alan Austerman, Mike Doogan, Bryce Edgmon, Les Gara, Berta Gardner, Max Gruenberg, David Guttenberg, Bob Herron, Lindsey Holmes, Reggie Joule, Scott Kawasaki, Beth Kerttula, Bob Miller, Pete Petersen, Paul Seaton, Chris Tuck

Excused: Sharon Cissna, Mark Neuman

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